The word of IADK Director

Dear readers,

Agriculture continues to be one of the main pillars for employment and income generation. IADK, together with all partners, donors, farmers and its team has managed to positively influence the development of agriculture in Kosovo, increasing incomes for farmers, employing young people, opening businesses aimed at the employment of marginalized women and groups.

IADK, thanks to the trust and strategic partnership built with many donors, local institutions and other partners, influenced the development of almost all sectors that have the opportunity to develop and generate income and helped many women, young people, minorities and marginalized groups so that they can also have a more dignified life.

Despite the positive developments, we consider that agriculture still remains a challenge which requires care and support. In this context, I will continue to emphasize that the implementation of laws in agriculture by relevant institutions remains a priority, as much as changes in development strategies seek to be treated with such priority. Non-implementation of laws and non-adaptation of strategies in some cases has negatively affected the development of agriculture, as well as has created confusion among farmers, mainly small farmers.

IADK will continue to support agricultural development, identify and address the needs of farmers, and be a strategic and reliable partner for various donors. Therefore, as the director of the organization and on behalf of the board of directors and all staff of the organization, I would like to thank each of you for your cooperation and contribution to the development of agriculture in Kosovo.