In order to create conditions for the generation of income from agricultural activities, with a special focus on the empowerment of women, 9 beneficiaries were selected from the municipality of Shtime who will be supported with grants in the field of agriculture. In order to achieve the highest quality production, in addition to grant support, direct advice and training will be provided to these farmers by our experts.
The beneficiaries of this municipality for this year are:
1. Elheme Kadrija
2. Hydaver Aziz
3. Arbnore Neziraj
4. Ali Halimi
5. Happiness Hajdini
6. Fadil Alija
7. Amir Burrniku
8. Kadrije Ahmeti
9. Ganimete Mehmeti
This activity takes place within the project "Empowering women, men and youth living in economically challenging rural areas, to establish sustainable livelihoods through agricultural and food processing activities”, , financed by the Swiss donor FRIEDA.