The trainings for the group of women in the field of food processing were carried out, in particular for the module of preservation of fruits, vegetables and similar

As a result of the demand in the food processing industry for employment opportunities and opening of personal businesses, IADK has created training programs for the development of professional skills.
These trainings are aimed at improving the sector in general and helping to grow it.
The group of 15 participants attended 12-day training (theory and practice) in processing and 2 days in digital marketing.
The training topics are based on modules - programs which are recognized by AKK and include the following:
• Protection and safety at work;
• Personal hygiene and environmental protection;
• Use and maintenance of equipment and facilities in the fruit and vegetable industry;
• Fruit and vegetable processing technology.
The professional trainings were held in the methodology of 70% practical training and 30% theoretical training, where soon these candidates will benefit from internationally recognized professional certificates.
This activity was carried out within the project "Strengthening the value chain through skills development programme", supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, mandated on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany.