IADK organizes a round table

Today, at IADK, on 23.10.2023, a round table was held with the theme: "Empowering women from rural areas by improving their access to economic opportunities".

Participants in this meeting were: Mr. Zenel Bunjaku - Executive Director of IADK, as panelists of the meeting were: Mrs. Edi Gusia - Chief Executive Officer in the Agency for Gender Equality/Prime Minister's Office, Mrs. Shqipe Prekaj - Official of Head of the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence/Department for Social and Family Services as well as Ms. Remzije Zekolli - Coordinator of the Human Rights Unit and Gender Equality Officer, present from various local institutions, representatives from the Municipality of Shtime and of Vushtrri, employment office as well as beneficiary farmer from the municipalities where the project is located: Shtime, Lipjan, Mitrovica and Vushtrri. During the discussion, the issues related to the issue of public transport for women's access to work activities and engagements, the formalization of women's businesses in order to receive as many funds as possible for them, the registration of property in the name of two spouses, the phenomenon of young people leaving the country, inter-institutional cooperation, etc. This activity was developed within the project "Empowerment of young people and women from rural areas through involvement in agriculture and food processing" financed by the Swiss feminist organization CFD and implemented by the Initiative for the Development of Kosovo Agriculture (IADK).