IADK within the project "Strengthening the value chain through the development of skills" financed by GIZ has distributed lactofreezers with a capacity of 1000 L to the beneficiary "Ferma Lorena SHPK" owned by Mrs. Luljeta Kryeziu in the village of Bubavec, municipality of Malisheva as and for the beneficiary "DPZ Qumshtore" owned by Mr. Zeni Dauti in the village of Brodosan in the municipality of Dragash. On the occasion of the signing of the contracts between the Executive Director of IADK Mr. Zenel Bunjaku, the beneficiaries and the Director of the Directorate for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Mr. Syl Dukolli from the municipality of Malisheva and the officials of the municipality of Dragash, two new milk collection points

The support of IADK with lactofreezes aims to develop the livestock sector, increase the number of dairy cows and create conditions for farmers to maintain and improve the quality of milk and at the same time increase their income.