Building and developing the skills of job seekers and employees in the processing sector

The fruit and vegetable processing industry has a positive development trend with great employment opportunities. Market demands for locally processed and high-quality products are growing, however, the domestic market is largely dependent on imports. This sector is constantly faced with various challenges, one of which is the lack of technical and professional expertise. Addressing these challenges requires commitment, an important role is played by IADK, which through the project "Increasing the development of skills in the food processing sector in Kosovo", supported by USAID Kosovo Compete Activity, is making it possible to raise the professional capacities of 10 job seekers. and 16 workers of the processing industry.

These professional trainings are elaborating the program for the processing of fruits and vegetables, a program accredited by the National Qualifications Authority (AKK). Candidates will attend a training cycle of 20 days, where 70% of the entire training will be practical and 30% will be theoretical. Practical trainings are held at the processing center at IADK and at several partner companies. All successful candidates will have the opportunity to be certified for level III which contains 5 credits (ECTS) provided under Law No. 04/L-037 on higher education in the Republic of Kosovo. After the training, job seekers will to be ready for the labor market, employees will be able to face the challenges of rapid development of the processing industry, the processing industry will have quality workers with adequate qualifications