Soil analyzes are presented for raspberry, apple and potato growers


A big challenge in agriculture continues to be the excessive use of fertilizers in agricultural lands, which is affecting soil pollution, yield reduction, and the emergence of various diseases in different crops. In order to influence the reduction of soil pollution within the project "Technical support for agriculture in Kosovo in the context of integrated management of water resources",  samples were taken from 55 apple, raspberry, and potato farmers, sampling was done in different locations in order to have comprehensive coverage of different areas of Kosovo.

In order to inform farmers about soil analysis, IADK together with EPICENTAR has organized information sessions in small groups, the farmers from whom the samples were taken were present, and the purpose of the information sessions was to inform farmers in as much detail as possible about soil analysis and about the recommendations on how to continue fertilizing the land in the future in terms of the amount and method of fertilizing.

The informative session was organized in the IADK offices and held by Prof. Xhevdet Elezi, who has informed each farmer about the soil analysis and calendars have also been distributed calendars for soil fertilization in the coming months.

The IWRM-K program is being implemented by SKAT Consulting Kosova. The implementation of this activity (Competitive Grant Scheme) is supported by the EPICENTAR Consortium - IADK