Enjoy traditional food in the most pristine scenery of the mountains of Istog and Peja

Istog and Peja

The myriad attractions of Kosovo, its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscape, and the hospitality of locals seem to have gained the attention of a ton of tourists. One must be nefarious to have visited and not liked the mystic mountains of Kosovo, and the innate ability of locals to make one feel welcomed.

The mountain-dwellers of Istog and Peja, and the ancient pastoral traditions they practice which have been a little altered by modern life are an asset to Kosovo’s tourism. Tourists now can enjoy delicious traditional food surrounded by a peaceful wilderness with an element of time travel in the resting points set up by IADK. These resting points have been set up in the most strategic places; consideration has been given to the proximity of the thematic trail and the willingness and capacity of katun families to prepare traditional meals and drinks for passing tourists.

Tourists, who enjoy Kosovo’s traditional cuisine, can now reserve one of the eight resting points set up near katun families. In these wooden resting points up to twenty people can comfortably be seated and taste the dishes that are prepared by katun families, try to distinguish the taste of fresh dairy products made in those katuns with store-bought ones, or simply enjoy a chat with local katun families.

Those who enjoy an off-road experience, take the trip at the end of which awaits a delicious meal prepared by Emine Kabashi at the resting point set up near her katuns, in the mountain of Jerebi. She may look shy and distant at first, but her dishes will quickly change your mind.

To learn more about the well-preserved culture, see autochthonous sheep’s (Balusha) and try dairy products and traditional meals make sure to give Ramadan Zeqiraj a call. The view from his katuns and the resting point in Shoshan will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

For a traditional Fli with delicious cream, you have to visit the resting point near the katun of Gjevahire Gusturanaj, she is widely-known for quickly making this rather time consuming dish. Nonetheless, upon visiting do not only try Fli, try also her homemade jam with different mountain fruits.

After a tiring climb, when you reach a plateau it may seem like you are lost but seeing Xhevat's sheep are lovely sign that you have reached your destination at Synaje. At Xhevat’s, you can enjoy in private the various dairy products, whether from sheep or cows, or enjoy home cooking. Per request, Mr. Xhevat can also make some leaf music like a real shepherd. If you are really lucky, Xhevat might treat you to some “Tomloborë” an ancient form of ice cream, a concoction of milk and ice which provides well-deserved refreshment.

For fairytale scenery, do not miss to visit Milishec, where Luan Qetaj welcomes you with smiles. Under the sound of a stream at Luan’s place, you can order something rather unusual, a fish in the middle of the mountain!

When you visit the mountain of Shtedim, travelers are unlikely to meet anyone but sheep and cows on the roads, without shepherds in sight. Upon arrival, the many katuns and children playing will remind one of their childhood. While you enjoy your meal at Hysni Morina, you can also share your bread with the chicken wandering around. While at Drita Morina, you can learn more how these families use to live in the past from her elders. Whether you decide to visit Drita Morina or Hysni Morina, does not matter, the appetizing food and the friendliness of these katun families will make you feel at home.

Visiting the resting point set up near Adem Nikci at Podi i Jakupit can be accessible even with a small vehicle, since there is a cemented road. However, the spectacular views will charm you and we can assure you that you will take envy-inducing pictures.

Once you visit the dreamy upland vistas of the mountain of Istog and Peja, and the dishes prepared with love from the mountain folk, will surely leave you yearning for more.

For more information on their tourism services, do not hesitate to contact any of them:

1.    Gjevahire Gusturanaj              044 200 197

2.    Emine Kabashi                        044 326 905

3.    Xhevat Avdijaj                         045 300 546

4.    Ramadan Zeqiraj                    044 723 312

5.    Luan Qetaj                              044 962 215

6.    Hysni Morina                           044 220 809/044 391 881

7.    Adem Nikci                             044 548 940

8.    Drita Morina                            044 266 849/044 569 362

This activity was realized within the project "Transhumance - new tourism offer of Kosovo and Montenegro", a two-year project (2020-2022) funded by the European Union through the cross-border cooperation program between Kosovo and Montenegro, IPA-II.