Experience mountain camping in the most scenic manner

Istog and Peja

IADK happily announces to adventure lovers the finalization of 4 camps set up in high elevation in the mountains of Istog and Peja. Now, visitors can experience camping in some of the most remote summits in Istog, namely in the mountain of Corrovodë, Mokna and Shoshan, or in in the mountain of Milishec in the municipality of Peja.

Whether you’re soaking in the views across the countryside from the peaks of the mountain of Istog and Peja, or navigating the jagged heights of the seemingly untouched nature, camping and hiking in the mountains of these municipalities never fails to thrill even experienced outdoor adventurers.

Get away from the stressful urban life, low-elevation crowds and enjoy the nature with elusive wildlife like brown bears, wolfs, mountain goats and many wild birds. Take your outdoor acumen to a whole new level by camping in unpredictable weather, fluctuations in temperature and wind and explore some of the most scenic peaks in the mountains of Istog and Peja.

The campsite in Corrovoda

Coordinates: 42.83982, 20.41904                Contact person: Visar Kabashi: +383 49 457 082

Gather your fellow nature lovers and light up the fire camp in the campsite set up in Corrovoda. Camp in remote tent sites in an elevation of about 1,767m, which can be reached with a backpacking trek or 4x4 vehicles giving you an off road experience.

Explore assisted by Visar the different trails, mountain caves, schedule with him a paragliding session or simple enjoy late night conversations and horror stories told by the campfire.

Leave the camp with dirty clothes, messy hair and stories worth telling, camp in cerrovoda where the payoff is worth the hassle.

The campsite in Shoshan

Coordinates: 42.81572, 20.37463                Contact person: Haki Zeqiri: +383 49 224 037

Have a refreshing camping experience surrounded by the pines in the campsite set up in Shoshan in an elevation of around 1,743m.

Tourists who like to enjoy the wild nature, and have little to no contact with others while leaving no trace behind, now, they can do so by using the campsite in Shoshan. All they have to do is set up their tends in the wooded fenced camps, and collect fire wood to light up a campfire in the natural stone fireplace build by IADK.

Enjoy the privacy offered by a secluded spot hidden among the pine trees during the day, and embrace the incredible celestial views at night.

The campsite in Mokna

Coordinates: 42.87975, 20.55060           Contact person: Besnik Gusturanaj: +383 44 200 197

Camp overnight in the campsite set up in Mokna mountain, before taking a hike in an elevation of 1,580m or enjoy a photo op with the herds of Besnik’s cattle that roam these high elevation meadows along the way.

The campsite in Mokna mountain, besides the basic campground fire pits and natural stone seating, enjoys also a resting point for up to 20 people. With a brief notice, Mrs. Gjevahire would be pleased to prepare her famous traditional dishes that all Mokna mountain families swear by.

The campsite in Milishec

Coordinates: 42.63639, 20.13742    Contact person: Zeki Ahmetgjekaj: +383 49 850 857

You can hear the wind blowing from your tent as you sleep right next to the picturesque nature of the mountain of Milishec.

In an elevation of 1,682m, you can meet Zeki for a homemade raki (alcoholic beverage), improve your aim by competing in archery with Zeki, or play hide and seek with Bora (Zeki’s white husky).

Continue the adventure with a hike through famous national and international trails, however be careful the captivating landscape makes you walk more than you have planned. By losing your cell phone reception you wonder in the right direction.