IADK supports 50 katuns with renewable energy for tourism development

Peja & Istog

People with a pronounced passion for our mountains, now, can enjoy their vacation in the katuns with a convenience provided by electricity powered by solar systems.

Interventions and investments with solar systems in the katuns of Istog and Peja Municipalities have already been completed. In total, 50 solar systems have been installed on the katuns, put into operation, and technically inspected by IADK staff.

Katuns in the mountains of Istog and Peja, in addition to an impressive landscape and traditional culinary delicacies, offer an additional convenience, that of electricity. Tourists, who choose to spend time in one of the 50 katuns supported by IADK with solar systems, can charge their mobile phone or GPS devices without having to bring additional equipment.

Farmers or katun owners are the ones who needed this investment the most, and thanks to the “Transhumance - new tourism offer of Kosovo and Montenegro” project, 50 katuns enjoy solar systems. The owners of the systems are happy with the work and efficiency of the solar systems and thank IADK and the donor for this investment with great impact on them and the facilitation of daily life. Many of them have put in place small refrigerators for storing food and lighting the premises in their katuns.

These investments have made life easier for many mountain farmers in these municipalities, and according to farmers, many of the other katun owners are interested in using renewable energy

This activity was realized within the project " Transhumance - new tourism offer of Kosovo and Montenegro", a two-year project (2020-2022) funded by the European Union through the cross-border cooperation program between Kosovo and Montenegro, IPA-II.