Current projects

Project: "Improving the employment and income generation opportunities in rural areas in Kosovo"

Overall goal: The socio-economic situation of marginalized people in rural areas in Kosovo improved.

Project Objectives:
1. Marginalized people living in rural areas in Kosovo have an employment or improved their income
2. The vocational training in agricultural sector in Kosovo is at a professional level
3. Women in rural areas in Kosovo gain financial independence and social recognition

Project: "Supporting the value chain of MHAP by creation of employment and export continuation“
Overall goal: Improving the value chain sustainability for the MHAP subsector
Project Objectives:
1. Consistency improvement in the supply and collection of MHAP
2. Capacity building for the collection points of MHAP and primary producers in organic conversion

Project: "Empowering youth and women of rural areas to engage in agriculture and food processing"
Project Objective: Increasing capacities of marginalized and vulnerable groups in order to generate income and voice their interests toward public institutions.

Project: "Supporting employment of youth and women in rural areas through agriculture development"
Project Objective: To contribute in supporting youth, women, disadvantaged groups in rural areas to create new businesses, create conditions for self-employment, provide experience for unemployed students and increase the role of employment offices.

EU CBC - Turizëm

Project: "Transhumance - new tourism offer of Kosovo and Montenegro"

Project Objective: Improve the volume, quality and visibility of tourism related to valorisation of cultural and natural heritage and values


Project: "Creating Employment in Agriculture"

Project Objective: To create jobs in agriculture and improve the access to the labour market.


Project: "Professional training and income generating opportunities in agriculture for women and youth living in rural areas of Kosovo"

Project Objective: Individuals from the most marginalised minority groups in Zvečan/Zveçan and North Mitrovicë/a are empowered socially and economically, through support provided to small minority producers, processors and traders and creating linkages to wider markets of majority populations